key people

Dimitra Rapti: Principal Consultant – Hydrogeology, Environment, Geothermal Resources
Rapti is PhD in Hydrogeology (1995, Aristotle Univ. Thessaloniki, Greece) and PhD in Applied Geology (2000, University of Ferrara, Italy), assistant professor of at Ferrara University (2000-2016). She participated at various National and European research projects on environment, gaining experience in hydrogeology of porous and fractured media, numerical flow modelling, environmental impact assessment from landfills, contamination/ pollution processes of water and soils, desertification, artificial recharge of aquifers, monitoring and strategic water resources, identification and evaluation of medium and low enthalpy geothermal resources. Author of an industrial  patent for the transformation of organic  biomass into fertilizer (C05F 0001409520). Guest editor of  Italian Journal of Agronomy (2010) ‘Environmental vulnerability and desertification’ and Bolletino di Geofisica Teorica ed Applicata (2010) ‘Integrated hydrogeological, hydrogeochemical and geophysical data: a tool for aquifer management’. Author of more than 60 research papers in national and international journals.


Riccardo Caputo: Chairman and Principal Consultant – Geology
Full Professor of Tectonics and Earthquake Geology, with a long lasting experience in geological and morphological surveys, the application of various geophysical techniques to the three-dimensional reconstruction of the subsoil, the deformation characteristics of rocks and their evolution, tectonic surveys both in mountainous and plain contexts, interpretation of seismic profiles, analysis of site effects, microzonation studies and seismic hazard assessment, subsoil characterization for low and medium enthalpy geothermy. Author of more than 90 research papers in international journals. Guest Editor of special volumes of Tectonophysics and Journal of Geodynamics.