our values

Ethics:  adopting high ethical standards and behavior in all endeavors.

Trust:  establishing relationships with all stakeholders (co-contractors / partners) based on a strong mutual trust and respect.

Citizenship: contributing with our technological and scientifically based approach to the global development of communities and society.

Innovation and technology: taking advantage of the strong link with the scientific research we want to open the horizon to new markets and technological innovation.

Quality: supplying the highest quality of products and services and assisting the client from the initial idea to the final control of the plant.

Completeness: providing multiple expertises that guarantee the system from the subsoil thermal balance to the thermal comfort inside the buildings.

Sustainable comfort: developing energetically efficient solutions that assure maximum comfort, improving the profitability of buildings and minimizing the environmental impact.

Services:  including the monitoring of both the performance of the plant and the subsoil behavior.

Compliance: working always in compliance with in force national and local laws/regulations.

Environment: respecting and protecting the nature at 360° and contributing to its improvement with positive consequences for the psychosomatic welfare of people and their health.