environmental solutions

The goal of NEA is to provide a wide range of geological, hydrogeological and environmental services to commercial, industrial and government customers, with a high professional quality, which is reliable, cost-effective, competent and respecting the natural environment.

Our principal services

Hydrogeological Investigations: exploration of aquifer systems; evaluation of aquifer vulnerability to contamination, artificial recharge of the acquifers; salinization phenomena and solutions; springs; qualitative and quantitative estimation of underground resources; water management; hydrogeochemical assessments.

Environment managment: soils degradation; evaluation of desertification phenomena; climatic analyses; soil and sediment proprieties; environmental impact assessment; quarry exploration and monitoring; study of landslides; geotechnical investigations; environmental monitoring.

Waste solutions: innovative technical solutions for sewage treatment and trasformation to fertilizer (Industrial patent); landfill monitoring and managment; recycling and water conservation systems.

Geological researches: geological mapping; tectonics; seismic hazard assessment; seismic microzonation; geophysical surveys; geoarcheology; 3D analysis of seismic profiles.